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Need assistance with your email marketing?

Let our professional email management team execute beautiful and intelligent marketing campaigns.

The Next Step for your Email Marketing

  • Save Time

  • Improve Results

While you’ll find the software is very easy to use, you may want to free yourself (or your staff) from the weekly work of maximizing your email marketing solutions.

Basic Managed Support is designed for those that need a little assistance in completing the email marketing tasks.  Our service saves you, and your staff, time to focus on your other marketing and operational needs. 

  • Support by email – single point of contact Account Manager

  • Setup and edit campaigns (creative design is offered separately upon quote)

  • Will upload graphics, add templates, create campaigns based on client direction

  • Minor Edits to graphics if original art is provided (dates, prices, hours, etc.)

  • Automation/Segment/Template implementation (counts toward the 2 campaigns per week)

  • Obtain approval of edits and finalize campaigns

  • Schedule and send approved campaigns

  • Prepare baseline campaigns to be deployed quickly by you.


Our Premium Support “White-Glove”  is designed for those that would like to take the next step in their email marketing.  Our White-Glove Success Manager will advise you on strategies and tactics based on your current marketing goals. Adding a monthly call with your Marketing Team, we’ll give you timing and messaging suggestions to assist in meeting your financial goals.

  • Dedicated support and marketing account manager, support by email and phone (scheduled marketing calls)

  • Managed Support above, but add:

  • Participate in one monthly review/planning meeting for email marketing

  • Suggest content, segments, frequency based on promotion objectives

  • Proactively manage list health and make recommendations on such

  • Review results and make recommendations on email campaigns for the next month

  • Suggest strategies and tactics to match other marketing efforts

Option Creative Design - we'll be happy to create a unique look and feel for your email marketing. Our designers will work with you and your team to achieve the look and feel you desire. Contact us to discuss your creative needs and we'll quote you a price for service.


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