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Capture Impulse Revenue with T2Collect Landing Pages and Buy Now Certificates


T2Collect - Buy Now and Certificate Redemption

  • Capture Revenue Today

  • Minimize Cart Abandonment


Best used along with email and digital advertising efforts –

T2Collect allows you to capture revenue NOW instead of waiting

for a reservation selection.  Your online guests can quickly use

our Buy Now option to receive an Instant Certificate,

which is a pre-paid voucher for the selected service you choose. 

Imagine this… your guest sees your great Birthday Party Offer

on Facebook or a Display Ad as they are browsing –

AND CLICK – they are interested.

Such a great deal, they decide to buy!

But wait, they need to know what day, what hour to make the purchase! The guest might leave the cart and never come back!

With T2Collect, they can buy that voucher and redeem at a time that’s convenient for them!


Think Groupon, or FetchRev, if you are familiar. You can even upload One-Time-Use promo codes from your POS into the system to track the response perfectly. There is also a pop-up for your website for those MUST-HAVE promotions as well. All controlled from the T2 Portal.


All proceeds are directly deposited into YOUR bank account using your Stripe Account.


No revenue share - No hidden fees.


Available in both Self-Serve and Managed Service, the cost is a flat fee:

  • Self-Service: $75/mo/location

  • Managed-Service: $225/mo/location, includes our managers building up to four (4) new promotions per month. You can still add your own.

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